Vaping with the Trifecta

Trifecta Vaporizer

Trifecta Vaporizer

After having vaped with as many different vaporizers as I have over the years it takes a lot to make one stand out.  The Trifecta has been able to accomplish exactly that, using superior components and holding themselves to a higher standard they have separated themselves from the pack.  Some vaporizers like the AtmosRx or the Vaporite Budy Pen try to sneak by using less than ideal materials, Trifecta on the other hand only uses top of the line materials.

The Trifecta is slightly more expensive than other vaporizers but that cost is reflected in the quality of the unit.  Some of the things I like best about the Trifecta are the high quality lithium ion battery, its fast heat up time and the one button activator system.  This pen vape is also super easy to use and has basically zero learning curve.  Most other herbal pen vapes are unnecessarily complicated and make you press a million different buttons just to get started, this pen vape heats up on the first try every time.  The only other pen vape that is as easy to use as the Trifecta would probably have to be the Vaporite Emerald.  The VaporX XRT is another great pen to use when you are in a pinch, I don’t think the vapor production is as good as the Trifectas however.

When I first started vaping basically all I wanted to do was vape dry herbs, lately however I have been making the switch to concentrates.  The Trifecta can handle both so it is a real time saver not to mention it saves you the trouble of having two different pens.  Usually I would just pull out Sky High pen for vaping wax but since I made the switch to the Trifecta I don’t really use it anymore, the Trifecta just hits harder anyways.  The battery life is also pretty substantial, I can get just about a full weeks worth of use from one charge.  The Atmos Bullet-2-Go will give me about 4-5 days which is close but still not good enough for those long road trips.

I recently got back from Idaho and had a blast, since marijuana is now legal in Washington we stocked up before we set out on our hunting trip.  We went to Grangeville to look for some Elk since they were in season, we also did some fishing at a near by lake.  While we didn’t bag any deer or elk we did catch a few salmon so the trip was still a success.  The pen vape was perfect for fly fishing, we just stood in the river and puffed away in wilderness.  I think the salmon were actually attracted to the smell of the vapor, during the early hours of the day we were not getting any bites.  Around noon we fired up the vaporizer and all of the sudden we couldn’t keep them off of the pole.  I snagged a 14 pounder and a 10 pounder in about 30 minutes time and that was just two of the six fish we caught that day.