Silver Surfer VIP vs Elevape



Two fighters enter the ring today but only one will leave with the belt.  Who will win?  Who deserves the title as the best herbal pen vaporizer?  It will come down to the nitty-gritty, things like stamina, performance and punching power.  We know both of these vapes can hit but we have never seen them go head to head against each other.

Round 1:  Elevape comes out swinging for the fences trying to pounce on the SSV VIP but the SSV is able to dodge all of the Elevapes attacks because it confuses and disorients the Elevape with its variety of colors.  The SSV VIP has five different color options in its arsenal including Black, Silver, Blue, Green and Red.  The Elevape only comes in Black.

Round 2:  Now its the SSV VIP’s turn to throw some punches, they look to take advantage of Elevape’s lightweight design and start throwing power punches left and right.  What they didn’t realize is that Elevape is built to last and can take a punch, SSV starts to gas and the bell rings.

Round 3:  With both fighters starting to get comfortable with each other and find their distance the ring begins to fill up with vapor.  Both pens are huffing and puffing and you can see how hard they are working by looking at the LED display on the bottom of each pen.  This round looked even to me.

Round 4:  Both vapes came in fully charged and ready for battle and it shows.  They are both in great shape and continue to deliver large hits of vapor.  The referee is really showing signs of inhaling all that second hand vapor and his eyes are starting to close.  Lets hope this one doesn’t end up in the judges hand.

Round 5:  Things are starting to get really interesting now, the Elevape is showcasing its intelligent battery system and knows exactly how many hits it has left in the tank.  The SSV is starting to find its rhythm, both are making good use of their auto-locking features in between rounds making sure not to waste any of their power.

Round 6:  The SSV VIP has a lot going on in its corner, it came with a cleaning brush, small glass jar, wax packing tool, hard shell snap case, glass screen and a mesh filter, USB charger and a rubber mouthpiece.  SSV VIP knew this would be hard fight and came prepared for battle leaving nothing behind and bringing everything anyone would ever need for 12 rounds of vaping.

Round 7:  They keep matching each other hit for hit to start the round.  However Elevape is looking a little more rested thanks to the carrying case it brought to the fight.  7th Floor brought one too but has yet to use it and chooses to stand and vape in between rounds instead.  Another close hard fought round with no clear winner.

Pacquiao Vaping Between Rounds

Pacquiao Vaping Between Rounds

Round 8:  Where most other vaporizers have started to fizzle both of these bantamweights have the endurance to continue fighting.  One difference we have noticed however is that while they both operate on 110 volt batteries the SSV VIP provides a 6 month warranty on the battery while the Elevape offers none.  That blow decided this round in favor in favor of Silver Surfer.

Round 9:  The score differential is still razor thin but it would appear as though SSV VIP is starting to distance it self from Elevape with more technical punching.  Don’t call it yet though, the Elevape rocks SSV VIP late in round with a shocking sucker punch, it comes with a Glass Dome!  Both fighters are trading punches but with that knock down you have to score the round 10-8 Elevape, my scorecared has the fight even after 9.

Round 10:  You never want to leave the fight in the hands of judges, and these fighters are both looking for a kill shot.  Trading hit after hit both vape pens are vaping as hard as they can and neither is showing signs of slowing down.  Another round too close to call.

Round 11:  With both herbal pens showing great determination it is still anyone’s match.  One minute into the round SSV throws a sharp jab and open ups a big cut over the left eye of the Elevape.  The doctor comes in take a look and stops the fight.  The doctor looked at the price tag covered in and blood saw that the Elevape is $40.00 more expensive then the SSV VIP.

Decision:  Winner SSV, the price tag was just too much the Elevape to over come.  While both fighters fought well the larger price tag lost the fight and the Elevape will have to go fight in it’s own weight class.  Usually you want to go down in weight and not up, this is also the case with vaporizers.  Thanks for wathcing and let us know how you think the fight would have ended if the match had not been stopped by the doctors in the comments below.

SSV VIP is the new Champion

SSV VIP is the new Champion