Searching for the Perfect Vaporizer Pen for Marijuana

It’s tough with herb pens to get the kind of combustion-free vapor production you get from wax and oil vaporizers. In fact very few loose leaf vaporizers can efficiently vaporize dry weed without reducing it to ash. There are a bunch of players in the game that are attempting to do this and I have made it my mission to find the ideal pen vape for herbs. I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Grasshopper Vaporizer, but in the meantime…Heck, maybe I will invent one myself.

If I were creating a pen vape for marijuana that doesn’t burn, I think the first thing I would do is put some sort of buffer between the material and the heating element. The problem with vaporizers like the Atmos Rx and the Pulsar 7 vaporizers is that the weed has to sit right on top of a ceramic coil, so when that coil heats up it’s pretty much tantamount to using a lighter to ignite the buds. My idea would be to have a cartomizer that features a heating coil and then a few inches of buffer space before you get to a screen on which the material can rest so there’s sufficient air flow in and around the leaves.

Another thing that kinda irks me about the AtmosRx and others with that design is the little springy “packing” tool that sits right below the ceramic filter. It seems like by packing the weed tighter, you’re actually restricting air flow and encouraging combustion, rather than protecting from it. With weed connoisseurs like me, we want to taste our buds, not a neutral smoke. I feel like if someone were able to design an herbal cartridge that separates the ground bud from the hot coil, this would seriously reduce the risk of combustion.

Do you have any ideas for the perfect vaporizer pen for marijuana? Let me know!