Introducing The New G-Slim Herb Pen: Snoop Dogg BUSH Edition

Grenco Science recently released their latest collaboration with Snoop Dogg to coincide with the release of his new album, ‘BUSH.’ The aptly named ‘BUSH Series’ includes a stylized G-Pro, as well as the super portable G-Slim herb pen.


The G-Slim is awesome for taking with you on-the-go. It’s super discreet and, as the name suggests, very slim. Much smaller than the standard G-Pen, the G-Slim is even more portable and very simple to use.



While it’s not a true vaporizer, since the herb comes in direct contact with the heating element, the G-Slim is awesome for those who aren’t concerned with combustion, and just want something quick and easy they can bring with them on-the-go.



While there is a basic version of the G-Slim, we’re a big fan of the Snoop Dogg BUSH Edition version. It features a really cool green color accented by a blue mouthpiece and power button, as well as gold trim. It looks great and works great too.


To use it, all you have to do is pop off the mouthpiece, pack the chamber and press the button to heat as you inhale. It’s pretty small, so it doesn’t hold a ton of herb, but it’s great for taking with you to the beach, on a bike ride, to the club or anywhere else you’d want to discreetly vape.



If you find yourself in the market for a new herb pen, and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, the G-Slim is priced very affordability. Plus, you know since you’re buying a Grenco product that it’s going to be quality. As one of the most trusted names in the industry, Grenco stands by their products. If you want a durable, quality herb pen that will last, get the new G-Slim.

Five Amazing Weed Pen Vaporizers

There are a lot of different weed vaporizers out there to choose from.  Today we are going to talk about five of our personal favorites.  I you want to know more or have a question about a specific vaporizer just shout it out in the comments below and I will answer it as soon as possible (usually in 1-2 business days).

Dube Pen Vaporizer

Dube Pen Vaporizer

The first dry herb vaporizer pen I picked was one of the cheaper ones available at the time and while it might not vape weed as efficiently as some of the other pens I am going to mention, it does hold a special place in my heart.  This economical little pea shooter of vaporizer is the Dube made by White Rhino.  The Dube looks cool and comes in a few different colors, Black, Green and Grey.  If you are balling and want add a little extra swag you can get the Gold Version 2 for an extra $50.00 but otherwise the standard model costs $49.99 and very moderately priced.

Atmos Jewel Vaporizer

Atmos Jewel Vaporizer

Another great pen that hits pretty hard and consistently is the Atmos Jewel, a short and stocky little piece that is very discreet.  You can sneak hits from this vaporizer almost anywhere undetected.  This vaporizer heats up fast too and will have ripping huge clouds in just a matter of seconds.  One thing to remember is that the battery is rechargeable and you need the USB charger to get it back up and running.  You cannot just go to the corner store get some AA’s and pop them in.

Trifecta Herbal Vaporizer

Trifecta Herbal Vaporizer

One of the more expensive dry herb vaporizers out there is the Trifecta herbal vaporizer.  The Trifecta uses a stainless steel coil to heat the finely ground marijuana and produces a very nice and flavorful vapor.  If you are a connoisseur of wee than this might be the right pen vape for you.  Now as any seasoned vaporist knows pens will never be able to compete with more powerful portables like the Arizer Solo or Pinnacle Pro vaporizer, but you give up in performance with a pen you make up for in discreetness and portability.  The reason the Trifecta costs more is because you are able to switch out the heating chamber for an e-juice/oil container, a feature that most other pen vaporizers lack.

Atmos Bullet 2 Go Pen Vape

Atmos Bullet 2 Go Pen Vape

The Atmos Bullet 2 Go is a great looking vaporizer pen that is very inexpensive.  For only $36.99 you can be vaping on the go and look cool while doing.  I got own the gold one but if you are trying to stay below the radar the the Black pen might be a better choice.  The Gold and Silver models are definitely eye catching and could draw unwanted attention depending on the environment you are vaping in. The Bullet 2 Go is capable of vaping herbs and waxes which is nice, some people prefer concentrates to loose-leaf marijuana.

Silver Surfer VIP Pen

Silver Surfer VIP Pen

One of the newest and coolest pen vaporizers to hit the market in a long time is called the Silver Surfer VIP vaporizer.  I was pretty excited to try this out because as the name suggests 7th Floor (the maker of the Silver Surfer and the Da Buddha) are the manufacturers behind the pen.  Right out of the box I new they had a good pen vaporizer on their hands here because of how simple and easy to use the vape was.  It requires almost no previous knowledge of vaporization and will have you inhaling huge clouds of vapor immediately.  The battery comes with a six month warranty while heating element comes with a pretty standard 30 day warranty.


5 Best Vape Pens for Weed

outdoor-festival-attendeesToday I’m going to run down my five favorite vaporizer pens for herb, my favorite thing to have at a festival or rock concert. Let’s get one thing straight before we start. There’s no such thing as perfect vaporization of dry weed from one of these conduction chambers, okay? It’s not going to happen. Anybody who tells you they don’t result in combustion, or you have to hold the button and breathe just so and so…NO.

They all burn your herb. Period.

The reason you’re buying these glorified pipes is to get stoned discreetly. Pure and simple. Don’t buy it to make your weed last a long time. Don’t buy it to preserve your lungs. Buy them because they’re cheap, sexy and cool looking. If you want something that’s going to really vaporize, you want something like the Ascent Vaporizer (read a review here).

But today we’re focusing on the pens.

And I know it sounds like I’m talking shit, but I seriously think there’s a legitimate time and place for these things. If you’re at a concert and you want to bake out without being all obvious, firing up a joint and attracting attention, then consider buying one of these pen vaporizers from my favorite online vape store.

atmos-rx-vaporizers1. AtmosRX – This vape has been around for a while and while it has some great name recognition, it’s gotten a pretty mixed response. High Times digs it, but it’s had a lot of hate thrown its’ way too. At the end of the day, The Vape Formerly Known as AtmosRAW has a really powerful battery and a dependable heating coil. I’ve had mine for a year now and it still hasn’t burned out.



skycloud-kandypens-vaporizer2. SkyCloud by KandyPens – They improved this one a lot on the new model as compared to the first edition. Wax and Oil chamber compatibility aside, this one actually does a pretty good job of extracting the good shit from your herb. It’s a thinner chamber than the AtmosRx, so you don’t use as much bud, but you do need to reload more frequently. It’s pretty cool to see a company taking female sensibilities into consideration. Their Instagram shows a whole bunch of ladies vaping on different shiny colors. KandyPens makes the list because their vapes go with any outfit!

Vaporite Platinum Vaporizer


3. Vaporite Platinum 3-in-One – It’s been called the Budy Pen for a while, and I guess they thought that sounded stupid. I certainly did. This model also features the 3 different attachments and for herbs the Platinum is far superior in functioning and reliability. The skillet is pretty similar to the AtmosRX but it’s more tightly wound, so who knows? Maybe this one will move up the list. It’s served me well at HARD Fest a couple weeks ago. But for now it’s new so more R&D is necessary.




T-Vape with Box

4. T-Vape – The guys at Square made a “true herb vape” that’s difficult to classify as a pen due to the sheer girth of the thing, but I figured I’d include it anyway because it’s a really solid product and comes closer than any of these to actually vaporizing the shit without burning through it.

It’s also got the sexiest look and best feel for a mouthpiece of any of these vapes, so I had to give it points for individuality. I love a vape that’s doing something different and this definitely qualifies.




Dube 2 Vaporizer with Accessories5. Dube 2 by White Rhino – While this might not be the most efficient or long-lasting vape on the planet (I’ve been through 3 now) it’s definitely my go-to if I know I’m going to be in an setting where smoking is highly frowned upon. I’m pretty sure White Rhino wanted a vape that looked like those Steven Dorff Blu e-cigs, and they did a pretty good job of that. The only thing I don’t like is that they wrote the name all huge on the end of the thing.

That makes me palm it more than I’d like, but hey, no one’s perfect, right?

So like I said, none of these contraptions are going to save the world. But they will definitely do a better job of getting you blazed at Bonnaroo than the old-fashioned glass piece. And more importantly, they’ll keep you out of the scrutiny of prying security guards.

All of these vapes you can get super cheap for less than $100. That’s why I recommend them. If you’ve got the money to burn, definitely get one of the more expensive machines for home use. They’re worth it. If all you want to do is get a quick buzz on in public, you can’t go wrong with these highly portable pen vaporizers.

Texas is Considering Legalizing Medical Marijuana

One of the most conservative states in the United States, Texas is looking into changing its laws and allow medical marijuana. A bill that would epilepsy patients to use cannabis a source of medicine has been introduced and is being considered by Texas lawmakers.

This new house bill would essentially legalize oils containing CBD, which has been known to treat epilepsy and other chronic medical conditions. This bill is known as the Compassionate Use Act, which states that children can be treated through marijuana and prevent them from having seizures and other symptoms of epilepsy.

After some compelling testimonies from children who suffer from epilepsy, the Texas lawmakers will make a determination on whether or not allow this bill to be passed. The lawmakers have expressed concerns about allowing the easy access any sort of marijuana-related products.

In my opinion, this sort of thinking is a bit short-sighted. If cannabis has been proven to prevent seizures or cure any sort of ailment. Marijuana use for medical purposes has already saved many lives and trying to prohibited, rather than regulated it, is in a way irresponsible.

Interestingly enough, last year the University of Texas conducted a poll among Texans on whether or not they would support legalization of marijuana to some degree. The results of this survey were overwhelmingly in favor of some form legalization. The exact number of Texans that supported some form legalization was around 77%.

After reading and watching some of the testimonies from children, I am convinced that this law should pass. The latest hearings offered some insight from Colorado residents who have already began using marijuana for medical purposes and have essentially provided testimonials on how medical marijuana has saved the lives of children in their state.

I think lawmakers are probably scared of upsetting big pharmaceutical companies who have already received permission to sell drugs on a federal level that prevent or treat epilepsy. Again, part of the problem that many pro-marijuana supporters have had to face in every state is the backlash from big money and big pharmaceutical companies.

In many ways corporations and the corporate establishment has to a degree, slowed down the progress of America. This is one of the many examples. Hopefully, Texas as the biggest state in the United States, and as one of the most economically-vibrant states, sets an example to the rest of America in the fight against marijuana prohibition.

Some of the Best Marijuana Strains Today

There are some many great options out there, but we decided to put together a short list of weed strains that you must try. When deciding what to get, you should definitely consider where and how you’d like to smoke/vape these. Some of these work great when you’re just chillin’ at home, others are great when you want to be out on the town. These are things that you should consider when choosing the best strain for you.

Recently, I sat down and decided to pick a few of the best strains that I’ve ever tried. Of course, there are tons of different options out there, but you have to start somewhere. The strains that I’ve listed below are a good start.

Tahoe OG

If you plan on staying in on a Friday night and catch up on your Netflix, Hulu or your favorite late night TV show, this is the weed you want to be vaping (or smoking). The Tahoe OG is known to have a soothing and relaxing effect. Again, this is the perfect herb for a quiet night at home while ordering pizza from your favorite local pizza joint.


This is top shelf stuff. The Ferrari of strains. The Blueberry is known as one of the best indica’s in the market. This particular strain is popular among medical marijuana patients because it helps relieve stress and anxiety. It also helps relieve pain. Oh, and the THC content on this one super high! Yeah, Blueberry!

Golden Goat

This is a rather strong strain of marijuana. It is a a hybrid/mix of a Hawaiian and Romulan strains. Half Indica and half Sativa, with the Sativa really dominating its character. The THC levels on this one can be of up to 23%. Not bad at all.


The OG-18 is a close relative of the OG Kush. This is also a hybrid strain, with Indica being the dominant force in this one. This is definitely one of the best recognized strains out there as it has won many different awards.

Kandy Kush

The Kandy Kush is a cross between the OG Kush and the Trainwreck strains. Great quality and highly available on the west coast. Great powerful weed for those who are looking for a more creative and uplifting effect.

Bruce Banner #3

This is a classic strain. The Bruce Banner #3 gives  you a nice punch of euphoria coupled with a relaxing sensation afterwards.

The Best Weed Delivery Services In The US

As more states are becoming weed-friendly, newer and cooler apps that deliver cannabis products to your home are popping up everywhere. These apps are limited to certain areas, cities and states in the US for now. However, in the future we may see these apps or others expanding to the rest of the states in the US.

Currently, Eaze is offering marijuana-delivery services to the Greater San Francisco and Bay Area. While other apps like Canary are now delivering marijuana in Seattle and the State of Washington. Lastly, Nestdrop is now delivering cannabis edibles, herbs and concentrates.


EAZE has been operating in San Francisco for the last couple of years. They have a cool mobile app with a nice interface that allows you to choose from a variety of different herbs, oils and concentrates. The App is easy to use and it recently was revamped with a fresh cash infusion from investors. In other words, EAZE is expanding and improving the quality of its services. Based on the EAZE website, they are planning to expand their business operations and delivery to the Greater Los Angeles Area as well as the Greater Denver Area.


More recently, Snoop Dogg (AKA Snoop Lion) and a team of investors have invested a ton of cash on this venture and this is mainly the reason why they’re now being able to expand their operations outside of San Francisco and focus on a larger market like LA and legal recreational marijuana markets like Denver and the State of Colorado.


Canary was developed and created by two college buddies attending the University of Washington. They have recently shut down their operations due to “impending legistlation that will make medical marijuana delivery illegal.” Here’s the statement on their website:

We’re writing today with mixed news. Impending legislation that will make medical marijuana delivery illegal in Washington state has caused us to make the tough decision to sunset the Canary mobile apps and on-demand delivery service. We’re proud to have served the Seattle medical marijuana community and hope you all enjoyed the service and experience we worked hard to create. For what it’s worth, it was worth all the while. 

Of course, this is not the end for us. Our mission remains to build software that helps connect legal marijuana providers and customers, and we’re excited to be merging with Dave, a Seattle-based cannabis technology startup. As the state moves toward a licensed and regulated marijuana industry we’re following suit with a brand new product that will make buying marijuana at recreational stores easier than ever before. We’re pleased to make this important step from medical to recreational marijuana, a sign that prohibition is truly ending. 

Want to join us for this next chapter? Our goal with the Dave app is to make purchasing recreational marijuana easier than ever with online ordering and in-store pick-up. When navigating the world of legal, recreational marijuana gets tough, Dave can help. Simply head over to to download the Dave app today! 


Nestdrop is operating along the west coast in Seattle, Portland and other cities within California. They are the only marijuana-delivery app that is operating across several different states currently. Nestdrop started as an alcohol delivery service in LA at first, but then quickly moved into the marijuana delivery market.

3 Great Weed Pen Vapes

Today lets talk about 3 of my favorite pen vaporizers for vaping weed.  There are lots of other options besides the three I am going to present in this post so make sure to do your homework and find the herbal pen vape that is best for you.  If you want see a particular pen reviewed in the future just leave a comment and let us know.  We have almost every pen vaporizer for marijuana on the plant so chances are we will have exactly what you are looking for.

Silver Surfer Herbal Vaporizer Pen

Silver Surfer VIP:  This is one of the newest pens to hit the market and it has been highly anticipated for a long time.  7th Floor who makes the Silver Surfer, Da Buddha and Life Saber vaporizer put minds together and devised a pen to beat all pens.  What they ended up with is a sleek and stylish vaporizer that is made for loose leaf, finely ground herbs.  The Pen comes in Black, Purple, Green, Blue and Silver.  There is a cool little LED hit counter that will also display the battery life and let you know how much longer you have left to vape.  I would recommend this pen for just about anyone, it is easy to use so it is great for beginners.  It is also a very powerful pen vaporizer so it is great for seasoned vets who are looking to add to their collection.  You can purchase the Silver Surfer VIP for $99.99 at VPS (Vaporizer Pen Shop).

T-Vape Herbal Pen Vaporizer

T-Vape Vaporizer:  This is a larger pen vaporizer that set out with a mission to pack a mean punch.  This pen is was also exclusively made for finely ground weed and has a massive oven where you can load a good amount of marijuana.  While this vaporizer is typically more expensive than other pen vapes you will get your monies worth and be able to see the difference in vapor production.  You can get it in three different colors, Black Blue or Red and while they didn’t really do anything new appearance wise the mouthpiece fits comfortably and does not leak any vapor.  I have seen some pen vapes like the Atmos Rx leak vapor from around the top of the pen.  I would recommend this pen experienced vaporists looking to take a step up from something like a Dube.

White Rhino DV2 Herbal Pen Vaporizer

White Rhino DV2:  This is the last pen vaporizer we will be talking about today and it is another one of my personal favorites.  I heard people having different levels of success with it but judging just from experiences it is a wonderful vaporizer.  I also think it is one of cooler looking weed pen vaporizers out there.  You can get it in a stunning array of colors including Silver, Red, Purple, Orange, Pink, Blue, White and Black.  I keep one of these in my briefcase so when I am out on sales calls I know I will be able to vape.  One thing to remember is that it uses a USB charger so grab a little car charger that accepts USB connections and you will always be able to charge your vape.  This vaporizer, like all other pen vaporizers needs to be cleaned often and regularly.  I use a q-tip and isopropyl with the White Rhino DV2 for the best clean imaginable.

How does the T-Vape stack up against the competition?

Since the T-Vape came out a few months ago my phone hasn’t stopped ringing with questions about the T-Vape vaporizer.  People keep asking me “Is it better than the G Pen?”, “Is it better than the Ascent?” Well that depends on a number of different factors.  I am not going to compare it directly to the G Pen or Ascent because to be honest that’s not exactly fair.  They are fundamentally different vapes in terms of both form and function. A more fair comparison would probably be the Trifecta vaporizer since they are both priced at $149.99.

The T-Vape comes with:

  • Tube style heating chamber
  • Easy to adjust temperature settings
  • Battery life Indicator
  • High-performance battery
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

The Trifecta comes with:

  • Discreet design (no more discreet than the T-Vape IMO)
  • Heats up quickly (so does the T-Vape)
  • High quality lithium-Ion battery
  • One-button activation
  • Easy to use

To sum it up, they basically come with all the same stuff, the real difference lies in the fact that the Trifecta is capable of vaporizing waxes and oils.  So then the Trifecta is better than the T-Vape right?  The short answer to that question is an easy one, no!  While the Trifecta claims that it is capable of vaping herbs in reality you are basically just using an electric pipe.  You will combust your herbs and end up with lots of black charred herb.  The T-Vape on the other hand is capable of vaporization and will not burn your marijuana.  The Trifecta can vape waxes and oils well but when it comes to vaping herbs it simply falls short.

The T-Vape is one of a handful of vape pens that won’t combust your herbs, pens like the Dube might claim to do the same thing but one hit from the T-Vape and you will easily be able to tell the difference.  Another pen vaporizer that we really like for dry herbs is the VaporX XRT.  It is a little bit cheaper than the T-Vape but it still performs very well.  You can’t expect the same results but if you are on a budget it should do the trick.  The VaporX XRT comes with all the standard stuff like a user manual, dry herb packing tool, USB charger, oil chamber, dry herb chamber and the lithium ion battery.