Introducing The VaporX Exponent Plus

I’m no newbie to vaporizing. I own a ton of pens, portables and desktops. I guess you could call me a ‘vape enthusiast’. Even though the majority of pen vaporizers don’t actually vaporize, they’re still a very convenient way to get high while you’re out in public. I typically carry around my Crafty, but sometimes I’m going somewhere that a pen-style vaporizer is better suited for. For instance, if I’m going to a party, and I know I’m probably going to get very drunk, I’ll grab one of my disposable G-Slim vaporizer pens (which are very cheap), just in case I lose it.vapor-x-expontent-plus-vaporizer-contents-in-box

However, sometimes if I’m going on a hike or something of that nature, I want something a little easier to carry around than my Crafty, and better quality than a disposable G-Slim. Also, I don’t really like limiting myself to a unit that only vaporizers one material – instead opting for a multi-function unit that is compatible with herb as well as wax. After all, you never know when you’re going to feel like doing a dab.

With that said, I was browsing my favorite vaporizer website and came across a new version of the VaporX Exponenet. The new Exponent Plus builds on the shortcomings of the previous model by adding a slightly larger, more power ellipse style battery, a 100% glass dome and high-quality atomizers for herb as well as wax.


I wasn’t a huge fan of the original VaporX Exponent for a few reason. First, the glass dome that it came with had a little plastic tip at the end of the mouthpiece. To me, this kind of defeated the purpose of having a glass dome in the first place. If I wanted to put my mouth on plastic, I would use that standard mouthpiece that is included. This brings me to another thing I like about the new ‘Plus’ model – it doesn’t include a standard plastic cap mouthpiece like virtually every other ellipse style pen vaporizer I’ve seen. Instead, the herb and wax atomizers are both meant to be used with the glass dome, which I like a lot better than the old setup.

In addition to being compatible with both herbs and wax concentrates, the Exponent Plus can also be used to vape e-liquids, and comes with a tank for e-juice. This is great feature in my eyes, because it gives someone like myself who doesn’t typically use e-cigs the opportunity to simply attach the included e-juice tank to my battery if I ever get the hankering to see what vaporizing e-liquid is all about. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend has been thinking about getting an e-cig pen recently, so letting her use my ‘Plus’ for e-juice should help her decide if she wants to get one for herself.

So to recap, the VaporX Exponent Plus comes with everything you need to vaporize bud, wax, waxy oils and e-juice. There are separate atomizers for each. For herb, you’ll want to use the “pancake” style atomizer, which is essentially a flattened coil. For wax, there is a double-coil ceramic rod atomizer that should be used. For both herb and wax, you’ll want to attach the respective atomizer to the battery, then attach the glass dome over the atomizer. When vaping e-juice, attach the included e-liquid tank which utilizes a wickless atomizer.

There you have it – a bit of background information on the newly released VaporX Exponent Plus. If you vaporize on-the-go, and find that true portable vaporizers can sometimes be a bit too bulky to carry around, it’s a good idea to invest in a vape pen. And if you’re going to invest in a vape pen, it might as well be one that is multi-functional and capable of vaporizing several different materials. For that, I highly recommend the VaporX Exponent Plus.