My Favorite Weed Vapes for 4/20

I am pretty old school, you should know. Good that you know that up front ‘cuz there’s a wave of crazy intense 710 Heads growing out there. Well lemme tell you I don’t really need the power and potency from those oils or waxes. Classic nuggs, flowers, and buds are goddamn good enough for this ol’ hippie. Okay so I’m not that old. But I do remember Gerald Ford falling out of an airplane! Hahaha! I’d like to think he was high all the time!

Ford Falls on RunwayI started vaporizing a couple of years ago when someone in my Book Club showed me their Solo vaporizer made by Arizer. I loved that little guy. Gave me big old clouds and it didn’t taste really metallic or fake because I was getting my vapor through a glass delivery tube. Even though I got one and have loved my Solo Vaporizer for the last few years, I decided that the marijuana industry is booming with such velocity, there must be some newer and exciting vapes for weed out there.

With that in mind I decided to check outgot a few cool new herbal vaporizers for 4/20/14 while attending the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver Colorado. One interesting one that I found was the T-Vape vaporizer. This one is a little more like a cigar than a pen vaporizer, but it’s pretty cool. It rips really hard and has a funky ergonomic mouthpiece tip. I also found someone selling something called the Vapman Vaporizer. This little guy felt a bit strange to me as I watched someone light it up with a butane torch. Oh dear, many steps, much too complicated.

ascent-vape-chamberAnother brand new herbal vaporizer I found in Denver was the stylish and customizable Ascent Vaporizer made by DaVinci. This one is super cool because it features glass delivery and three-in-one compatibility, which means that if my friends want to use their fancy shmancy oils and waxes, I can let them drip the extracts into the little glass chamber which DaVinci so kindly provides with every Ascent Vape they ship out.

Of course the Pax Vaporizer was on display too, but every time my friend tried to vape me on the Pax, all I tasted was plastic. I loved the Ascent because I could really taste the essence of my Blue Dream and felt the euphoric effects within seconds. I have nothing bad to say about the Solo Vaporizer but if you’re looking for something new and slick to impress your friends, get the Ascent for sure. It’s 4/20 approved!