10 must have vapes of 2014

Summer Time Vaping

Summer Time Vaping

If you looking at purchasing a new herbal pen vaporizer for the summer 2014 season then you have landed at the right place.  I have a few suggestions that are sure to dazzle and keep you vaped while the temperature continues to rise.

Elevape:  This sexy little number goes great with almost any swimsuit.  It is perfectly suited for helping you stay discreet and catch some vape while lay on the beach and enjoy the sun.  The Elevape has a LCD display at the bottom so you know just how much batter life you have left.

VaporCone Elite:  One of the more modest vaporizers to be released recently is the VaporCone herbal pen vaporizer.  It comes in five different colors and is well known from San Diego to San Francisco for it’s simple styling but powerful vapor.  You can purchase the VaporCone in the following different colors – Pink, Blue, Silver, Black and White.

T-Vape Vaporizer:  If you are looking for something with muscles than I would recommend taking a look at the T-Vape.  Capable of producing some of the thickest vapor you have ever seen the T-Vape is perfect for camping trips and picnics.  It is a great outdoor vaporizer because the batter life is significantly more substantial than other similarly priced vaporizers.

Dube XS:  Versatility and portability are the first two things that come to mind when you think about the Dube XS vaporizer.  What makes this particular herbal vaporizer pen so much is the fact that you can switch out the chamber and vape waxes as well.

Vaporite Emerald:  Powered by a long lasting lithium ion battery that also happens to be rechargeable the Vaporite Emerald is a must have for bocce ball tournaments and lawn bowling.  It heats up fast and vapes your herbs well.  Just make sure to stir your blend frequently to prevent combustion.

Pulsar 7:  Easily one of the most popular herbal pen vaporizers of the season the Pulsar 7 is just as much of a statement piece as it is a vape.  If you are looking to make waves at the beach this summer then you need to go head and grab one of these moderately priced herb vaporizers.

Silver Surfer VIP:  Perfectly named for a day at the ocean the first ever vaporizer pen made by 7th floor will keep you “AFLOAT” all day long.  This pen is great for beginners because of how simple it is to use.  You can get this stylish little ditty in Black, Silver, Blue, Green, Red and Black.

Sky Cloud:  The ultimate portable herb vaporizer for a lazy day at the park, laying down and watching clouds float over your head.  This is another one of those special vaporizers that is capable of vaping concentrates and loose leaf material.  To be honest though I do prefer this pen for wax as opposed to herbs.

Atmos Bullet 2 Go:  This vaporizer was built for speed and pairs nicely with a fast boat.  The wickless ceramic heating chamber is ready to go in a matter of seconds and the vapor it produces will get you where you want be just as fast.  Just make to be careful, you don’t want to drop your vape in the water!

White Rhino DV2:  Largely considered to be one of the best looking vaporizers ever built this dual purpose vape will match all of your summer outfits.  Boasting a super fast heat-up time you can grab a DV2 in Black, Red, Silver, Purple, Orange, Pink, Blue or White.

Top 3 Dry Herb Pen Vaporizers

When I first started looking at getting a portable vaporizer one of the features most important to me was discreetness. My plan was to use it on the go quite frequently and didn’t want to draw a lot of attention to myself every time I wanted to take a puff. All the research I did led me to one conclusion, that pen style dry herb vaporizers can easily burn your herb without actually vaporizing the material. Not wanting to waste a lot of money on a variety of products that didn’t perform how I wanted them to, I went down to my local headshop for some in person comparison. After discussing a bunch of vapes I made some purchases and was happy that I did.

After all of my research, these are the three dry herb vaporizer pens that I have personally found work the best.

Atmos Boss

A little larger than the earliest dry herb pen vaporizers, the Boss had a major improvement in the heating chamber design which moved away from rapid heat and put it leagues ahead of the AtmosRX unit. With the Atmos Boss you get a pen vaporizer that provides continuous heat, which means no more burning your herb. I don’t care what the manufacturer says, that little glass screen which is supposed to act as a buffer between the herb in the RX does not make much of a difference. If you hold the button down too long, it still combusts. That is why I like the Boss so much, no glass screen is required and there is no coil in the bottom. The whole stainless steel chamber heats through to provide even vaporization and no charring.


Cloud V Phantom

Though some people might not really classify the Phantom as a pen style vaporizer, I put it on my list due to the solid performance I got from it. Similar to the Boss’s heating chamber there is little concern of burning the dry herb and it also features consistent heat. Some people might complain that it takes longer to heat up, but all you have to do is press the button and put it back in your pocket for this brief period. It will hit the set temp in less than a minute… though it doesn’t heat in 7 to 10 seconds like the AtmosRX can, at least you are actually getting vapor and not smoke. Isn’t that the point of a vaporizer? Another really nice feature about the Phantom is that the battery is completely removable so you can easily swap out a full charged one.


Pulsar 7

This is really the most pen-like vaporizer on my list and I chose this one because of the heating chamber. The design is different than most, because instead of a metal coil down in the chamber, there is a ceramic heating rod that runs up the middle and the herb is packed around it. Though the Pulsar 7 can burn your herb, it is far easier to manage and has less of a learning curve. I found that the best method was to hold the button down for about 5 to 7 seconds and then release giving a brief pause; this is to slightly preheat the herb. Hold the button again; every 3 to 4 seconds take a sip of vapor. Release after every two sips and pause again. Be sure to open the chamber and stir every once and a while.

My final words of advice… avoid dry herb pen vapes that feature the heating coil design and you’ll be happy that you did.