Snapshot of the Vaporite Emerald

Vaporite Emerald Vaporizer Pen

Vaporite Emerald Vaporizer Pen

One of the newest herbal pen vaporizers to hit the scene is the stylish Vaporite Emerald.  Vaporite released a series of “Gems” that along with the Emerald includes a wax pen called the Ruby and an e-juice pen called the Sapphire.  The Emerald is the crown jewel of the three pens and it is able to vaporizer marijuana, waxes and oils.

The Emerald is pretty easy to use like most pen vapes and comes in at a very low price when compared to something like the Atmos RX that has the same capabilities.  Some people are still on the fence with this unit but that is mainly because it is so new and not a lot of people have had a chance to look it over.

The Emerald comes with a few accessories, with any purchase you will also receive:

  • One Herb Chamber Stirring Tool
  • One Battery
  • One USB Pen Vaporizer Adapter
  • One Instruction Manual
  • One Ceramic Heating Chamber
  • One Herbal Chamber Connector
  • One Mouthpiece

Cleaning the pen is pretty easy, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to do it.  Keeping a clean is very important and often neglected.  Get disciplined and make sure you are regularly cleaning your herbal vaporizer pen.  Not only will your pen last longer but you will get better tasting vapor as well.

One thing I noticed that really stuck out was the battery life, one charge kept me vaping all week.  I took my Emerald down to the beach and even though it was pretty cold out (I am currently in Seattle) it still heated up fast in the biting ocean breeze.  After a few puffs I was feeling great and happy as a clam, we were at the beach to dig up clams :).

Vaporite Buddy Pen Pro

Another pen that has been grabbing headlines as of late is the new Vaporite Budy Pen Pro.  A stylish dry herb vaporizer pen that knows what it is supposed to do and does it exceedingly well.  If you are one of the those weed smokers that needs to medicate while out and about then this is a great choice.  It’s important to really grind your herbs finely before you take off if you are not going to have access to a grinder or in situations where grinding up some weed is not going to be feasible.  Places like the mall or the movie theater are not ideal for grinding because they are so public and you are going to stink up the place.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t grab your Budy Pen and sneak a puff around the corner.

The Budy Pen Pro is the new and improved model, the original Budy Pen was pretty good overall but they saw some room for improvement and went for it.  They upgraded the battery and improved the heating element to help reduce the chance of combustion.  Like with most pen vaporizers there is always going to be a risk of combustion but some pen just perform better than others.  The Budy Pen Pro comes with your standard accessories, you get the heating chamber, the user manual, one stir tool, a USB charger, three glass screens, one mouthpiece tip and the tank/cartridge of course.

The Budy Pen Pro is easy to use and features one button activation.  You can see how small and compact it is, you wont have any problems fitting it your pocket, purse, backpack or jacket.  I usually take my vape down to the beach where smell isn’t an issue but I recently just picked up a smoke buddy junior for times when I need to be a bit more discreet.  My grandmother is in from out of town and does not approve of marijuana use so out of respect I go in the garage and vape with the smoke buddy junior, it’s a wonderful combination.

The smoke Budy Junior should last about a week or so on one charge if you vape semi-frequently.  Heavier use will of course lead to a shorter battery life.  The unit itself is also pretty sturdy, I have dropped it multiple times and have yet to have any malfunctions.  If you are going to take it with you out on a boat I recommend putting it in a ziploc bag so if you drop it or get splashed you pen vape won’t get ruined.  I know it sounds silly but this actually happened to me once, a wave came over the side of the boat while we were fishing and splashed my shorts.  I pulled the pen vaporizer out and tried to fire it up but to my disappointment nothing happened.

First Look: The New G Pen Herbal Vaporizer

G Pen Herbal Vaporizer

We just got our brand new G Pen Herbal Vaporizer from our trusted vape store, and wanted to share some first impressions:

Look and Feel

This Vape pen looks a lot like the standard (original) G Pen which was designed for concentrates, but instead of a ceramic wick atomizer, this one features an herbal tank with a stainless steel coil that is encased in a thick, glass sleeve. It’s got the trademark G Pen matte finish and fountain pen aesthetic, which makes it easy to hold and transporting is a breeze. This thing fits nicely in your palm and can go anywhere discreetly; unlike a pipe and lighter the G Pen is all self-contained.

How Does it Rip?

So far we’ve found this to be sturdy and effective with our herbs. It heats up in a matter of seconds and you definitely get big clouds; moreover it doesn’t result in combustion easily like a cheaper model we’ve tried such as the Dube 2 or AtmosRx Vaporizers. The only thing to watch out for is holding down the button too long. We’ve found that we get the biggest rips and aren’t incinerating our buds by holding down the button for only 3 seconds and releasing as you complete your inhalation.

Grenco Science provides a helpful video to show the basics of the product:

We are very happy with our G Pen Herbal Vaporizer after initial testing stages. We will be sure to update you as we continue to use the vape to let you know about coil longevity and herb efficiency.

Do you have thoughts or questions about the new G Pen? Let us know!

Snoop Dogg Herbal Vaporizer Review

Snoop Dogg Grenco Science

Don’t Cross the Doggfather

There have been a bunch of vaporizers to hit the market in the last year but few have landed with the fanfare of the Snoop Dogg G Pen. This herbal vaporizer is made by Grenco Science, an industry leader with a reputation for big bold marketing and a badass vape pen for hash oil and wax. The G Pen was so popular that superstar rapper Snoop Dogg took notice and said “yo, my nizzle, Snizzle Dizzle Double-Gizzle gots to have one of these.” And they were like, “yeah you’re right, you do.” So they up and made a vaporizer in his honor. The first one was a waxy oil vaporizer, but the Doggfather reminded them that he grew up on dankity flowery buds and his devoted fans will want something that can do that too.

Snoop Dogg Vaporizer Kit

Snoop Dogg G Pen Vaporizer by Grenco Science


So lo and behold, Grenco put their creative minds and engineers to work on a handheld vaporizer for dry herbs that would satisfy the most discerning of marijuana connoisseurs. The G Pen Herbal Vaporizer features a robust ceramic heating chamber with a fast-acting stainless steel coil. The battery charges up within 2 hours and gives 4-5 hours of continual vaping. The vape is emblazoned with a map of Long Beach, Snoop’s stomping ground.

You can get the signature Snoop Dogg G Pen at our preferred vaporizer store for only $84.95.

The Atmos R2 Pen Vaporizer


I recently had a chance to try the Atmos R2 Pen Vaporizer. If the price tag wasn’t an issue, this is one of the best vaporizer pens out there. The pen has been re-designed and it offers a great look. This is a real stylish pen. Another thing that stood out right away was its large chamber. And, you have the option of doing herb or wax.


Right after holding the pen, you really feel like it’s well made. It feels and looks like it’s made from real good materials.

Battery and Portability

The battery on this unit lasts a while. You don’t have to worry about running out battery while you’re out and away from a power outlet. You can charge the pen with a USB cord or your standard wall charger (both included).

The Vape Experience

With an adonized heating chamber, this vape pen offers a cleaner and better vaping experience than most pens in this class. This also means that your herb will burn more even and completely, as supposed to leaving some of the herb intact like many other vaporizers.


The Atmos R2 vaporizer pen is a really awesome device to own. However, the price tag is a little bit high. If money is not an object, I would definitely recommend it.

Atmos R2 Vaporizer Pen

Atmos R2 Vaporizer Pen

New Source Orb Now Available

source-orb-vaporizer-group-colorsThe Orb is the newest revolutionary pen-style vaporizer now available from Source. This is definitely one of the coolest vaporizers around aesthetically. Constructed from stainless steel, each color has a luxurious chrome finish and the uniquely shaped mouthpiece makes this unit standout even more. 

The Orb comes standard with 8 different atomizers, giving the user ultimate control and more options than any other vape pen on the market. Two of these atomizers, the Dry Herb Hitter and the Dry Herb Baker, are specially for buds. The others would mostly be used for wax.source-orb-vaporizer-atomizers

With the Dry Herb Hitter, the heat is generated from a centralized coil specially designed to ‘flash’ heat your herbs. Source bills this as the closest thing you can get to a ‘pipe-hit’ with any vaporizer/atomizer combo.source-orb-10cig-single-coil-wickless-atomizer-coil

On the other side of the spectrum, the Dry Herb Baker allows for true vaporization and is designed more like an oven to ‘slow-roast your herbs’. The fact that both are included with the Orb, along with six other eights other atomizers is a huge selling point and makes the Orb one of the most versatile pen-style vaporizers in the industry.

source-orb-dry-herb-baker-atomizers-2Additionally, the new Orb also comes the new Terra atomizer, which is a high-grade ceramic heating chamber and no metal coils, bringing true taste to the forefront of your vaporizing experience. Below is a full list of all eight atomizers that come with the Orb, as well as what materials they’ll work best with and how they function.

At less than $100, a fraction of the price of many other pen-style vaporizers on the market, the Orb looks like a great investment for those in the market for a new herb pen, and who also might be looking for the additional wax capability.

Looking to Upgrade to a Portable Vaporizer?

While herb pens are great for using on-the-go, if you’re looking for a true vaporization experience which utilizes convection heating (instead of conduction), maybe it’s time to upgrade to a full-sized portable vaporizer.


One of the hottest new portable herbal vaporizers is the Astra by Atmos. You’ll recognize the name Atmos, as they make some of the best pen-style herbal units on the market, like the R2 and the Boss. However, if you’re looking to take the next step into vaporizing, you’ll want to take a look at the Astra.

Boasting five temperature control settings ranging from 356° – 428°F, a rechargeable/interchangeable lithium-ion battery as well as an embedded ceramic heating chamber, the Astra is sure to take your vaporizing experience to cosmic heights. This is the biggest difference between herb pens and full-sized portable units. Instead of holding the button to heat your herbs (usually past the point of combustion), with the Astra, the selected temperature is sustained during your vaporizing session.


The other big difference between the Astra and herb pens is the heating method. While standard herb pens rely on conduction heating, where the herb comes into contact with the heating element creating combustion, the Astra and other portable vaporizers utilize a different type of heating method – conduction. When using the Astra, the herb never comes into direct contact with the heating element. Thus, only pure vapor is produced and no smoke.

I had the chance to bring the Astra with me on a recent hike, and it performed beautifully. As I prefer to vape on higher temperature settings (but am careful not to approach the combustion level), I set the vaporizer at it’s MID setting, which is 392°F. At this setting, I was able to rip some really nice vapor clouds throughout a ten or so minute session from one chamber pack. I brought an extra Li-on battery just in case, but was pleasantly surprised that the Astra’s battery life held up the entire time I was out on my hike, which was about two hours of  non-continual use.


This unit also comes equipped with cups for liquid and wax use, and since the HI setting goes all the way up to 428°F, I’d imagine it would perform pretty well with such materials, although I did not have the chance to vaporizer with those materials. Overall, I was really pleased with how the unit performed.

Retailing for under $120, there are few portable vaporizers on the market that can match the combination of overall value and functionality as the Astra provides.

Quick Review: Cloud Pen M-16 Vaporizer

The new Cloud Pen M-16 is sleek and made with some of the finest materials that pen vaporizers have to offer today. Immediately after holding this pen, you can really tell that it is very solid and well made. I took it out of the box and immediately notice that it comes with some real awesome add-on tools and accessories, which lead me to believe that you’re really getting more bang for your buck with this pen.



The dual capability of this pen makes it unique. Most pens either work with herb, wax or oil. This pen has the option of vaping both herbs and wax concentrates. This is a plus as it allows you to have more options and possibilities. The herb performance on this pen was above average. In fact, the taste was actually pretty clean, with minor burning/combustion.

As far as wax concentrates go, this pen works best with this type of material. The coil works extremely well and heats up your material without causing any sort o burning and really performs well in terms of efficiency. With very little wax you get a good number of sessions and plenty of vapor. I highly recommend this pen if you’re looking to vape some wax with it.


With a 650mAh Battery, you’re getting plenty of juice that will last you for a couple of hours of continuous vaping. The battery life on this pen is pretty standard. It is honestly nothing special. Then again, most vaporizer pens are not really meant for several hours of vaping. You will need to charge this pen every so often. Luckily, this pen comes with both a USB charger and a standard wall charger which makes it convenient when it comes to charging this pen.


This pen is definetly travel friendly. I took out to a concert and a night on the town. It definetly is easy to conceal or to store in your jean pocket, or in your jacket pocket. It is also easy to store in your globe compartment or middle compartment. I found the pen compact enough to pretty much take it anywhere. The other great thing about this pen is that it is sleek, so anytime you take it out and it looks great.


I recommend this pen if you’re looking to vape wax concentrates. The herbal vaping is a bit subpar. Then again, it is rare that a vape pen works well with herb. I would recommend this pen for anyone who is looking for a vaporizer under 100 bucks.


Introducing The New G-Slim Herb Pen: Snoop Dogg BUSH Edition

Grenco Science recently released their latest collaboration with Snoop Dogg to coincide with the release of his new album, ‘BUSH.’ The aptly named ‘BUSH Series’ includes a stylized G-Pro, as well as the super portable G-Slim herb pen.


The G-Slim is awesome for taking with you on-the-go. It’s super discreet and, as the name suggests, very slim. Much smaller than the standard G-Pen, the G-Slim is even more portable and very simple to use.



While it’s not a true vaporizer, since the herb comes in direct contact with the heating element, the G-Slim is awesome for those who aren’t concerned with combustion, and just want something quick and easy they can bring with them on-the-go.



While there is a basic version of the G-Slim, we’re a big fan of the Snoop Dogg BUSH Edition version. It features a really cool green color accented by a blue mouthpiece and power button, as well as gold trim. It looks great and works great too.


To use it, all you have to do is pop off the mouthpiece, pack the chamber and press the button to heat as you inhale. It’s pretty small, so it doesn’t hold a ton of herb, but it’s great for taking with you to the beach, on a bike ride, to the club or anywhere else you’d want to discreetly vape.



If you find yourself in the market for a new herb pen, and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, the G-Slim is priced very affordability. Plus, you know since you’re buying a Grenco product that it’s going to be quality. As one of the most trusted names in the industry, Grenco stands by their products. If you want a durable, quality herb pen that will last, get the new G-Slim.

5 Best Vape Pens for Weed

outdoor-festival-attendeesToday I’m going to run down my five favorite vaporizer pens for herb, my favorite thing to have at a festival or rock concert. Let’s get one thing straight before we start. There’s no such thing as perfect vaporization of dry weed from one of these conduction chambers, okay? It’s not going to happen. Anybody who tells you they don’t result in combustion, or you have to hold the button and breathe just so and so…NO.

They all burn your herb. Period.

The reason you’re buying these glorified pipes is to get stoned discreetly. Pure and simple. Don’t buy it to make your weed last a long time. Don’t buy it to preserve your lungs. Buy them because they’re cheap, sexy and cool looking. If you want something that’s going to really vaporize, you want something like the Ascent Vaporizer (read a review here).

But today we’re focusing on the pens.

And I know it sounds like I’m talking shit, but I seriously think there’s a legitimate time and place for these things. If you’re at a concert and you want to bake out without being all obvious, firing up a joint and attracting attention, then consider buying one of these pen vaporizers from my favorite online vape store.

atmos-rx-vaporizers1. AtmosRX – This vape has been around for a while and while it has some great name recognition, it’s gotten a pretty mixed response. High Times digs it, but it’s had a lot of hate thrown its’ way too. At the end of the day, The Vape Formerly Known as AtmosRAW has a really powerful battery and a dependable heating coil. I’ve had mine for a year now and it still hasn’t burned out.



skycloud-kandypens-vaporizer2. SkyCloud by KandyPens – They improved this one a lot on the new model as compared to the first edition. Wax and Oil chamber compatibility aside, this one actually does a pretty good job of extracting the good shit from your herb. It’s a thinner chamber than the AtmosRx, so you don’t use as much bud, but you do need to reload more frequently. It’s pretty cool to see a company taking female sensibilities into consideration. Their Instagram shows a whole bunch of ladies vaping on different shiny colors. KandyPens makes the list because their vapes go with any outfit!

Vaporite Platinum Vaporizer


3. Vaporite Platinum 3-in-One – It’s been called the Budy Pen for a while, and I guess they thought that sounded stupid. I certainly did. This model also features the 3 different attachments and for herbs the Platinum is far superior in functioning and reliability. The skillet is pretty similar to the AtmosRX but it’s more tightly wound, so who knows? Maybe this one will move up the list. It’s served me well at HARD Fest a couple weeks ago. But for now it’s new so more R&D is necessary.




T-Vape with Box

4. T-Vape – The guys at Square made a “true herb vape” that’s difficult to classify as a pen due to the sheer girth of the thing, but I figured I’d include it anyway because it’s a really solid product and comes closer than any of these to actually vaporizing the shit without burning through it.

It’s also got the sexiest look and best feel for a mouthpiece of any of these vapes, so I had to give it points for individuality. I love a vape that’s doing something different and this definitely qualifies.




Dube 2 Vaporizer with Accessories5. Dube 2 by White Rhino – While this might not be the most efficient or long-lasting vape on the planet (I’ve been through 3 now) it’s definitely my go-to if I know I’m going to be in an setting where smoking is highly frowned upon. I’m pretty sure White Rhino wanted a vape that looked like those Steven Dorff Blu e-cigs, and they did a pretty good job of that. The only thing I don’t like is that they wrote the name all huge on the end of the thing.

That makes me palm it more than I’d like, but hey, no one’s perfect, right?

So like I said, none of these contraptions are going to save the world. But they will definitely do a better job of getting you blazed at Bonnaroo than the old-fashioned glass piece. And more importantly, they’ll keep you out of the scrutiny of prying security guards.

All of these vapes you can get super cheap for less than $100. That’s why I recommend them. If you’ve got the money to burn, definitely get one of the more expensive machines for home use. They’re worth it. If all you want to do is get a quick buzz on in public, you can’t go wrong with these highly portable pen vaporizers.