Five Amazing Weed Pen Vaporizers

There are a lot of different weed vaporizers out there to choose from.  Today we are going to talk about five of our personal favorites.  I you want to know more or have a question about a specific vaporizer just shout it out in the comments below and I will answer it as soon as possible (usually in 1-2 business days).

Dube Pen Vaporizer

Dube Pen Vaporizer

The first dry herb vaporizer pen I picked was one of the cheaper ones available at the time and while it might not vape weed as efficiently as some of the other pens I am going to mention, it does hold a special place in my heart.  This economical little pea shooter of vaporizer is the Dube made by White Rhino.  The Dube looks cool and comes in a few different colors, Black, Green and Grey.  If you are balling and want add a little extra swag you can get the Gold Version 2 for an extra $50.00 but otherwise the standard model costs $49.99 and very moderately priced.

Atmos Jewel Vaporizer

Atmos Jewel Vaporizer

Another great pen that hits pretty hard and consistently is the Atmos Jewel, a short and stocky little piece that is very discreet.  You can sneak hits from this vaporizer almost anywhere undetected.  This vaporizer heats up fast too and will have ripping huge clouds in just a matter of seconds.  One thing to remember is that the battery is rechargeable and you need the USB charger to get it back up and running.  You cannot just go to the corner store get some AA’s and pop them in.

Trifecta Herbal Vaporizer

Trifecta Herbal Vaporizer

One of the more expensive dry herb vaporizers out there is the Trifecta herbal vaporizer.  The Trifecta uses a stainless steel coil to heat the finely ground marijuana and produces a very nice and flavorful vapor.  If you are a connoisseur of wee than this might be the right pen vape for you.  Now as any seasoned vaporist knows pens will never be able to compete with more powerful portables like the Arizer Solo or Pinnacle Pro vaporizer, but you give up in performance with a pen you make up for in discreetness and portability.  The reason the Trifecta costs more is because you are able to switch out the heating chamber for an e-juice/oil container, a feature that most other pen vaporizers lack.

Atmos Bullet 2 Go Pen Vape

Atmos Bullet 2 Go Pen Vape

The Atmos Bullet 2 Go is a great looking vaporizer pen that is very inexpensive.  For only $36.99 you can be vaping on the go and look cool while doing.  I got own the gold one but if you are trying to stay below the radar the the Black pen might be a better choice.  The Gold and Silver models are definitely eye catching and could draw unwanted attention depending on the environment you are vaping in. The Bullet 2 Go is capable of vaping herbs and waxes which is nice, some people prefer concentrates to loose-leaf marijuana.

Silver Surfer VIP Pen

Silver Surfer VIP Pen

One of the newest and coolest pen vaporizers to hit the market in a long time is called the Silver Surfer VIP vaporizer.  I was pretty excited to try this out because as the name suggests 7th Floor (the maker of the Silver Surfer and the Da Buddha) are the manufacturers behind the pen.  Right out of the box I new they had a good pen vaporizer on their hands here because of how simple and easy to use the vape was.  It requires almost no previous knowledge of vaporization and will have you inhaling huge clouds of vapor immediately.  The battery comes with a six month warranty while heating element comes with a pretty standard 30 day warranty.


5 Best Vape Pens for Weed

outdoor-festival-attendeesToday I’m going to run down my five favorite vaporizer pens for herb, my favorite thing to have at a festival or rock concert. Let’s get one thing straight before we start. There’s no such thing as perfect vaporization of dry weed from one of these conduction chambers, okay? It’s not going to happen. Anybody who tells you they don’t result in combustion, or you have to hold the button and breathe just so and so…NO.

They all burn your herb. Period.

The reason you’re buying these glorified pipes is to get stoned discreetly. Pure and simple. Don’t buy it to make your weed last a long time. Don’t buy it to preserve your lungs. Buy them because they’re cheap, sexy and cool looking. If you want something that’s going to really vaporize, you want something like the Ascent Vaporizer (read a review here).

But today we’re focusing on the pens.

And I know it sounds like I’m talking shit, but I seriously think there’s a legitimate time and place for these things. If you’re at a concert and you want to bake out without being all obvious, firing up a joint and attracting attention, then consider buying one of these pen vaporizers from my favorite online vape store.

atmos-rx-vaporizers1. AtmosRX – This vape has been around for a while and while it has some great name recognition, it’s gotten a pretty mixed response. High Times digs it, but it’s had a lot of hate thrown its’ way too. At the end of the day, The Vape Formerly Known as AtmosRAW has a really powerful battery and a dependable heating coil. I’ve had mine for a year now and it still hasn’t burned out.



skycloud-kandypens-vaporizer2. SkyCloud by KandyPens – They improved this one a lot on the new model as compared to the first edition. Wax and Oil chamber compatibility aside, this one actually does a pretty good job of extracting the good shit from your herb. It’s a thinner chamber than the AtmosRx, so you don’t use as much bud, but you do need to reload more frequently. It’s pretty cool to see a company taking female sensibilities into consideration. Their Instagram shows a whole bunch of ladies vaping on different shiny colors. KandyPens makes the list because their vapes go with any outfit!

Vaporite Platinum Vaporizer


3. Vaporite Platinum 3-in-One – It’s been called the Budy Pen for a while, and I guess they thought that sounded stupid. I certainly did. This model also features the 3 different attachments and for herbs the Platinum is far superior in functioning and reliability. The skillet is pretty similar to the AtmosRX but it’s more tightly wound, so who knows? Maybe this one will move up the list. It’s served me well at HARD Fest a couple weeks ago. But for now it’s new so more R&D is necessary.




T-Vape with Box

4. T-Vape – The guys at Square made a “true herb vape” that’s difficult to classify as a pen due to the sheer girth of the thing, but I figured I’d include it anyway because it’s a really solid product and comes closer than any of these to actually vaporizing the shit without burning through it.

It’s also got the sexiest look and best feel for a mouthpiece of any of these vapes, so I had to give it points for individuality. I love a vape that’s doing something different and this definitely qualifies.




Dube 2 Vaporizer with Accessories5. Dube 2 by White Rhino – While this might not be the most efficient or long-lasting vape on the planet (I’ve been through 3 now) it’s definitely my go-to if I know I’m going to be in an setting where smoking is highly frowned upon. I’m pretty sure White Rhino wanted a vape that looked like those Steven Dorff Blu e-cigs, and they did a pretty good job of that. The only thing I don’t like is that they wrote the name all huge on the end of the thing.

That makes me palm it more than I’d like, but hey, no one’s perfect, right?

So like I said, none of these contraptions are going to save the world. But they will definitely do a better job of getting you blazed at Bonnaroo than the old-fashioned glass piece. And more importantly, they’ll keep you out of the scrutiny of prying security guards.

All of these vapes you can get super cheap for less than $100. That’s why I recommend them. If you’ve got the money to burn, definitely get one of the more expensive machines for home use. They’re worth it. If all you want to do is get a quick buzz on in public, you can’t go wrong with these highly portable pen vaporizers.