Best Vaporizer Pens for Dry Herb

When you’re shopping for a vape pen to use with dry herbs, there are three key factors you should consider as part of your decision-making process:

1. Temperature – For efficient vaporization, you never want to exceed 390 degrees Fahrenheit in a pen-style vaporizer. Most of the best pen vapes are calibrated to heat up between 375-395 degrees; these are the kinds of units you’ll find from brands such as White Rhino, Pulsar, and Grenco Science. While their vaporizers are definitely made in Chinese factories, they quality test those bad boys so you know you’re not going to exceed 400 degrees.

Pulsar 7 Herb Vaporizer Pen

Pulsar 7 Vaporizer – Apart

2. Heating Chamber – The ease of airflow through the heating chamber is a mitigating factor for vaporizer pens of any shape or size. While I like the look of the SkyCloud by KandyPens, the herb attachment is super skinny and doesn’t allow for much ganja to go in there. If you stuff it full, then you’re not getting any airflow; but if you allow for airflow, then you end up vaping all your bud with one inhale, making it a terrible option for group sessions.

SkyCloud by KandyPens

SkyCloud Vaporizer by KandyPens

3. Size – If you’re going to be using a pen vaporizer for herbs, then you’ll probably want to keep it discreet. This is where I find herb pens basically act as a glorified pipe. Not to say this is a bad thing, you’ve just got to know it going in. If you want something that’s going to fit snugly in your palm as you vape it, there’s probably going to be combustion happening. Sorry. That’s just the breaks. If you want something that doesn’t burn your herbs, I would suggest checking out the T-Vape which is a little larger than I’d like a “pen vaporizer” to be, but it’s not going to singe the shit out of your weed.

T-Vape with Package

T-Vape – The “True” Vaporizer

Conclusion: The T-Vape is nice because it has a separator between the herbs and the heating coil, unlike many herb pen vaporizers out there, such as the Pulsar 7 or AtmosRx Vaporizer. The problem with the T-Vape is that it’s a lot bulkier than the thin, sleek herb pens. This is the tradeoff you will inevitably encounter: sacrifice size for performance or vice versa. For me, I don’t mind the burning so much. I just like to have something handy for concerts and picnics with my boyfriend. The T-Vape is cool, but it’s a really thick shaft and that kind of intimidates me. If you like a big vape with some power and girth, then the T-Vape is definitely for you.


Hope you found this post helpful in your search to buy the perfect herbal vaporizer pen. What are your criteria for choosing an herb pen? Let me know!