Silver Surfer VIP vs Elevape



Two fighters enter the ring today but only one will leave with the belt.  Who will win?  Who deserves the title as the best herbal pen vaporizer?  It will come down to the nitty-gritty, things like stamina, performance and punching power.  We know both of these vapes can hit but we have never seen them go head to head against each other.

Round 1:  Elevape comes out swinging for the fences trying to pounce on the SSV VIP but the SSV is able to dodge all of the Elevapes attacks because it confuses and disorients the Elevape with its variety of colors.  The SSV VIP has five different color options in its arsenal including Black, Silver, Blue, Green and Red.  The Elevape only comes in Black.

Round 2:  Now its the SSV VIP’s turn to throw some punches, they look to take advantage of Elevape’s lightweight design and start throwing power punches left and right.  What they didn’t realize is that Elevape is built to last and can take a punch, SSV starts to gas and the bell rings.

Round 3:  With both fighters starting to get comfortable with each other and find their distance the ring begins to fill up with vapor.  Both pens are huffing and puffing and you can see how hard they are working by looking at the LED display on the bottom of each pen.  This round looked even to me.

Round 4:  Both vapes came in fully charged and ready for battle and it shows.  They are both in great shape and continue to deliver large hits of vapor.  The referee is really showing signs of inhaling all that second hand vapor and his eyes are starting to close.  Lets hope this one doesn’t end up in the judges hand.

Round 5:  Things are starting to get really interesting now, the Elevape is showcasing its intelligent battery system and knows exactly how many hits it has left in the tank.  The SSV is starting to find its rhythm, both are making good use of their auto-locking features in between rounds making sure not to waste any of their power.

Round 6:  The SSV VIP has a lot going on in its corner, it came with a cleaning brush, small glass jar, wax packing tool, hard shell snap case, glass screen and a mesh filter, USB charger and a rubber mouthpiece.  SSV VIP knew this would be hard fight and came prepared for battle leaving nothing behind and bringing everything anyone would ever need for 12 rounds of vaping.

Round 7:  They keep matching each other hit for hit to start the round.  However Elevape is looking a little more rested thanks to the carrying case it brought to the fight.  7th Floor brought one too but has yet to use it and chooses to stand and vape in between rounds instead.  Another close hard fought round with no clear winner.

Pacquiao Vaping Between Rounds

Pacquiao Vaping Between Rounds

Round 8:  Where most other vaporizers have started to fizzle both of these bantamweights have the endurance to continue fighting.  One difference we have noticed however is that while they both operate on 110 volt batteries the SSV VIP provides a 6 month warranty on the battery while the Elevape offers none.  That blow decided this round in favor in favor of Silver Surfer.

Round 9:  The score differential is still razor thin but it would appear as though SSV VIP is starting to distance it self from Elevape with more technical punching.  Don’t call it yet though, the Elevape rocks SSV VIP late in round with a shocking sucker punch, it comes with a Glass Dome!  Both fighters are trading punches but with that knock down you have to score the round 10-8 Elevape, my scorecared has the fight even after 9.

Round 10:  You never want to leave the fight in the hands of judges, and these fighters are both looking for a kill shot.  Trading hit after hit both vape pens are vaping as hard as they can and neither is showing signs of slowing down.  Another round too close to call.

Round 11:  With both herbal pens showing great determination it is still anyone’s match.  One minute into the round SSV throws a sharp jab and open ups a big cut over the left eye of the Elevape.  The doctor comes in take a look and stops the fight.  The doctor looked at the price tag covered in and blood saw that the Elevape is $40.00 more expensive then the SSV VIP.

Decision:  Winner SSV, the price tag was just too much the Elevape to over come.  While both fighters fought well the larger price tag lost the fight and the Elevape will have to go fight in it’s own weight class.  Usually you want to go down in weight and not up, this is also the case with vaporizers.  Thanks for wathcing and let us know how you think the fight would have ended if the match had not been stopped by the doctors in the comments below.

SSV VIP is the new Champion

SSV VIP is the new Champion

Vape Dual: Pulsar 7 vs AtmosRx

Two of the most popular herbal pen vaporizers are about to go head-to-head and you get a front row seat to the bout.  The Pulsar 7 has been bullying the competition for years but the AtmosRx is tired of playing second fiddle and wants a shot at the title.  Lets start with a quick overview of both of the pens.

Pulsar 7 Vape Pen

Pulsar 7 Vape Pen

Pulsar 7

It comes in four different colors; Black, Blue, Green Silver.  It costs $69.99 and a pleasure to vape with.  As with all vape pens it is possible to combust your herbs so make sure to be careful and stir your weed regularly between puffs.  It is a three-piece vaporizer that comes with a rechargeable batter.  The battery life can be anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on how you use it.  While the herb chamber is large I would not recommend filling it completely, you should leave room for the air to flow around the marijuana.  I found that perfectly sized load in the Pulsar 7 will produce 8-10 draws from the vaporizer.  The one button functionality is easy to use and even beginners will be able to vape in a matter of minutes.

Atmos Rx Vaporizer Pen

Atmos Rx Vaporizer Pen


The AtmosRx comes in a huge variety of colors including: White, Red, Purple, Pink, Silver, Green, Blue and Black.  The herbal pen vaporizer is of course completely portable and requires no wires or cords.  The mouthpiece is made of softer rubber and provides for an enjoyable vaporizing experience.  It utilizes advance vaporizing technology and is windproof in almost all weather conditions.  It is lightweight and discreet, the battery life is also what you would expect from a vaporizer that costs $130.  It heats up in about two seconds and the appearance and styling of the vaporizer has really pushed it into the limelight.  The replacement parts can be found almost anywhere online and the pen itself is easy to take apart and put back together again.




This one is pretty close, the biggest difference between the two pens is the price.  The Atmos Rx is almost twice as expensive as the Pulsar 7 you would expect it to be the heavy hitter.  The Pulsar 7 though is lighter on its feet and lighter on your wallet so it should be able to move quickly and dodge the gigantic punches thrown by the larger Atmos weed pen.  In all seriousness though I would probably recommend the Pulsar 7 over the Atmos Rx, the Atmos does work a little bit better and has a slightly longer battery life but I don’t feel the small difference in performance justifies that large of a price difference.

My Favorite Weed Vapes for 4/20

I am pretty old school, you should know. Good that you know that up front ‘cuz there’s a wave of crazy intense 710 Heads growing out there. Well lemme tell you I don’t really need the power and potency from those oils or waxes. Classic nuggs, flowers, and buds are goddamn good enough for this ol’ hippie. Okay so I’m not that old. But I do remember Gerald Ford falling out of an airplane! Hahaha! I’d like to think he was high all the time!

Ford Falls on RunwayI started vaporizing a couple of years ago when someone in my Book Club showed me their Solo vaporizer made by Arizer. I loved that little guy. Gave me big old clouds and it didn’t taste really metallic or fake because I was getting my vapor through a glass delivery tube. Even though I got one and have loved my Solo Vaporizer for the last few years, I decided that the marijuana industry is booming with such velocity, there must be some newer and exciting vapes for weed out there.

With that in mind I decided to check outgot a few cool new herbal vaporizers for 4/20/14 while attending the High Times Cannabis Cup in Denver Colorado. One interesting one that I found was the T-Vape vaporizer. This one is a little more like a cigar than a pen vaporizer, but it’s pretty cool. It rips really hard and has a funky ergonomic mouthpiece tip. I also found someone selling something called the Vapman Vaporizer. This little guy felt a bit strange to me as I watched someone light it up with a butane torch. Oh dear, many steps, much too complicated.

ascent-vape-chamberAnother brand new herbal vaporizer I found in Denver was the stylish and customizable Ascent Vaporizer made by DaVinci. This one is super cool because it features glass delivery and three-in-one compatibility, which means that if my friends want to use their fancy shmancy oils and waxes, I can let them drip the extracts into the little glass chamber which DaVinci so kindly provides with every Ascent Vape they ship out.

Of course the Pax Vaporizer was on display too, but every time my friend tried to vape me on the Pax, all I tasted was plastic. I loved the Ascent because I could really taste the essence of my Blue Dream and felt the euphoric effects within seconds. I have nothing bad to say about the Solo Vaporizer but if you’re looking for something new and slick to impress your friends, get the Ascent for sure. It’s 4/20 approved!

Searching for the Perfect Vaporizer Pen for Marijuana

It’s tough with herb pens to get the kind of combustion-free vapor production you get from wax and oil vaporizers. In fact very few loose leaf vaporizers can efficiently vaporize dry weed without reducing it to ash. There are a bunch of players in the game that are attempting to do this and I have made it my mission to find the ideal pen vape for herbs. I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of the Grasshopper Vaporizer, but in the meantime…Heck, maybe I will invent one myself.

If I were creating a pen vape for marijuana that doesn’t burn, I think the first thing I would do is put some sort of buffer between the material and the heating element. The problem with vaporizers like the Atmos Rx and the Pulsar 7 vaporizers is that the weed has to sit right on top of a ceramic coil, so when that coil heats up it’s pretty much tantamount to using a lighter to ignite the buds. My idea would be to have a cartomizer that features a heating coil and then a few inches of buffer space before you get to a screen on which the material can rest so there’s sufficient air flow in and around the leaves.

Another thing that kinda irks me about the AtmosRx and others with that design is the little springy “packing” tool that sits right below the ceramic filter. It seems like by packing the weed tighter, you’re actually restricting air flow and encouraging combustion, rather than protecting from it. With weed connoisseurs like me, we want to taste our buds, not a neutral smoke. I feel like if someone were able to design an herbal cartridge that separates the ground bud from the hot coil, this would seriously reduce the risk of combustion.

Do you have any ideas for the perfect vaporizer pen for marijuana? Let me know!

Who makes the best herbal pen vapes?

It seems like every other day I have someone asking me “Who makes the best herb pen vaporizers?” and I am getting tired of answering the same question so often.  The problem is that new vaporizers are coming out all the time and while some are well made and trustworthy others are poorly made and designed for daily use.  There is a wide variety of pen vapes for weed that offer a number of different options so choosing the right one can be difficult.  If you are looking to purchase a new pen vape I would definitely recommend doing your research first and choosing a vape that is right for you.  Some of the better pen vaporizer manufacturers include:

  • 710 Pen
  • 7th Floor
  • White Rhino
  • Vaporite
  • VaporBrothers
  • Sky High
  • Pulsar
  • Grenco Science
  • Delta 9
  • Bholt
  • Atmos
  • Cloud Penz
  • Zig Zag
  • VaporX
  • VaporCone
  • Sticky Pen
  • Source
  • Micro Vaped
  • Elevape

Those are just a few of the better vaporizer brands to popup over the past few years.  There are hundreds of others we do not have time to name.  One of my personal favorite vaporizers is the VaporX XRT herbal vaporizer.  It comes in 3 different colors, Black, Brown and Gold.  The Gold model is in my opinion is by far the best one.  It is a high performance vaporizer that is extremely powerful so make sure to be careful when you first start using it.  There have been multiple reports of combustion because the herbal pen vaporizer heats up so quickly.

Another great herbal pen vaporizer is the brand new T-Vape.  It is one of the most versatile and customizable pen vaporizers that has been released in years.  It also comes in the 3 different colors, Blue, Red and Black.  It is only intended to be used with dry herbs so make sure that you do not load any cannabis concentrates inside of it.

One of the best things about the T-Vape vaporizer is that you can interchange the batteries and herb chambers to change the size and functionality.  The smaller chamber and battery will allow you to vape more discreetly while the larger battery and chamber will allow you vape more marijuana longer.  You can also combine the large chamber with the smaller battery if you need to vape a lot of weed in a short amount time.  If you don’t need to vape a ton of herbs but the need the vaporizer to be powered for a long time just attach the small chamber to the large battery.

The Snoop Dogg G Pen Is Not Just Hype

I recently purchased the Snoop Dogg G Pen. In the past, I had bought several different herbal vape pens and had very little luck with the quality and performance. The main problem with these pens is that they don’t vape well. In fact, most of the pens that I’ve tried either burn the herb at some point or don’t burn well at all.

The other problem that I have with herbal pens is the battery life and the quality of the vapor. Even when the herb doesn’t burn, the quality and quantity of the vapor tends to be sub par.

In comes the Snoop Dogg G Pen

I bought the G Pen because I’d heard good things about it and had read some good reviews on it. It wasn’t so much because Snoop Dogg promotes it or because it has a map of Long Beach, California and a bright blue background. I wanted a decent quality pen for an affordable price. The Snoop Dogg G Pen just seemed like the best choice. The other reason why I decided to purchase it is because it uses some of the newest technology. In other words, it’s one of the newer pens out there.

Snoop Dogg G Pen

Snoop Dogg G Pen

After a few sessions, I did get a little bit of combustion, but not nearly as bad as with other pens that I’ve tried in the past. The battery life on it wasn’t too bad either. I’m used to having to charge my vaporizer pens every 2 hours after constant usages. The G Pen’s battery lasted just a little bit longer without experiencing any sort of performance issues.

It really feels like the manufacturer of this pen, Grenco Technologies has really put a good deal of investment on this pen. Grenco has been known to make decent portable herbal vaporizers. Other vaporizers that I’ve enjoyed using in the past that Grenco makes are the G Pen Mayhem Festival LE and the G Pro Herbal vaporizer.

The other great thing about this pen is that it comes with a nice case and some good accessories. In fact, I like that it comes with both a USB drive charger and a regular wall charger. Other accessories that I really like are the two glass sleeves that it comes with.

You can check out this video that pretty much shows you what the pen is like and how it works. This is one of the best resources that I found online:

The Newest and Most Exciting Vape Pens in 2015

The newest and most exciting vape pens of 2015 are here. These vape pens all have something in common: they all have a much improved battery life, slightly better performance than its predecessors and much smaller, much more compact and discreet than ever before.

Additionally, these newer pens are using some of the best and latest technology and materials available today. The manufacturing and the build of these pens is really much better than what it used to be.

One good example of this are the pens that we are about to take a look, which include the Cloud V Classic Mini vaporizer, the Dr. Dabber Light Pen Vaporizer, the VC Agent 7x Vaporizer and the Cloud Pen M-16. All of these pens are affordable and offer a decent vaping experience while having some distinct differences.

Let’s a quick look:

Cloud V Classic Mini Vaporizer

This is a super small, sleek and highly portable vape pen. The Cloud V gives you all of the great technology that Cloud V has been known to produce. With a much improved heating capacity, the Cloud V features a cutting-edge atomizer and a SNAP locking technology. The Cloud V retails at around $54.99.


Dr. Dabber Light Vaporizer

Another highly compact pen, the Dr. Dabber Light is just like the Dr. Dabber Ghost, except smaller, uses a newer technology and performs just as well or better than its big brother. The Dr. Dabber features a 5-Click locking mechanism which really helps you save lost of juice on your pen. The dab tool and shatterproof storage ball are two of the coolest accesories that this pen comes with.



VC Agent 7X Vaporizer

The VC agent is another highly discreet pen. It is probably one of the smaller pens that we’re looking at on this list. Starting at only $24.99, the VC Agent is a great value for those who are looking for one of the most discreet pens in the market. This pen is rather different than most pens out there as it features a button-less system. All you have to do is charge it and take some nice vapor hits.


Cloud Pen M-16 Vaporizer

This Herb + Wax pen comes in a sleek design, stainless steel materials and an easy-to-use interface, which allow you to pack up your herb closer to the bullet chamber. This in turn allows you to have a better and much more efficient experience. Meaning much more clouds of vapor and less combustion.


Introducing The VaporX Exponent Plus

I’m no newbie to vaporizing. I own a ton of pens, portables and desktops. I guess you could call me a ‘vape enthusiast’. Even though the majority of pen vaporizers don’t actually vaporize, they’re still a very convenient way to get high while you’re out in public. I typically carry around my Crafty, but sometimes I’m going somewhere that a pen-style vaporizer is better suited for. For instance, if I’m going to a party, and I know I’m probably going to get very drunk, I’ll grab one of my disposable G-Slim vaporizer pens (which are very cheap), just in case I lose it.vapor-x-expontent-plus-vaporizer-contents-in-box

However, sometimes if I’m going on a hike or something of that nature, I want something a little easier to carry around than my Crafty, and better quality than a disposable G-Slim. Also, I don’t really like limiting myself to a unit that only vaporizers one material – instead opting for a multi-function unit that is compatible with herb as well as wax. After all, you never know when you’re going to feel like doing a dab.

With that said, I was browsing my favorite vaporizer website and came across a new version of the VaporX Exponenet. The new Exponent Plus builds on the shortcomings of the previous model by adding a slightly larger, more power ellipse style battery, a 100% glass dome and high-quality atomizers for herb as well as wax.


I wasn’t a huge fan of the original VaporX Exponent for a few reason. First, the glass dome that it came with had a little plastic tip at the end of the mouthpiece. To me, this kind of defeated the purpose of having a glass dome in the first place. If I wanted to put my mouth on plastic, I would use that standard mouthpiece that is included. This brings me to another thing I like about the new ‘Plus’ model – it doesn’t include a standard plastic cap mouthpiece like virtually every other ellipse style pen vaporizer I’ve seen. Instead, the herb and wax atomizers are both meant to be used with the glass dome, which I like a lot better than the old setup.

In addition to being compatible with both herbs and wax concentrates, the Exponent Plus can also be used to vape e-liquids, and comes with a tank for e-juice. This is great feature in my eyes, because it gives someone like myself who doesn’t typically use e-cigs the opportunity to simply attach the included e-juice tank to my battery if I ever get the hankering to see what vaporizing e-liquid is all about. As a matter of fact, my girlfriend has been thinking about getting an e-cig pen recently, so letting her use my ‘Plus’ for e-juice should help her decide if she wants to get one for herself.

So to recap, the VaporX Exponent Plus comes with everything you need to vaporize bud, wax, waxy oils and e-juice. There are separate atomizers for each. For herb, you’ll want to use the “pancake” style atomizer, which is essentially a flattened coil. For wax, there is a double-coil ceramic rod atomizer that should be used. For both herb and wax, you’ll want to attach the respective atomizer to the battery, then attach the glass dome over the atomizer. When vaping e-juice, attach the included e-liquid tank which utilizes a wickless atomizer.

There you have it – a bit of background information on the newly released VaporX Exponent Plus. If you vaporize on-the-go, and find that true portable vaporizers can sometimes be a bit too bulky to carry around, it’s a good idea to invest in a vape pen. And if you’re going to invest in a vape pen, it might as well be one that is multi-functional and capable of vaporizing several different materials. For that, I highly recommend the VaporX Exponent Plus.

Vaping with the Trifecta

Trifecta Vaporizer

Trifecta Vaporizer

After having vaped with as many different vaporizers as I have over the years it takes a lot to make one stand out.  The Trifecta has been able to accomplish exactly that, using superior components and holding themselves to a higher standard they have separated themselves from the pack.  Some vaporizers like the AtmosRx or the Vaporite Budy Pen try to sneak by using less than ideal materials, Trifecta on the other hand only uses top of the line materials.

The Trifecta is slightly more expensive than other vaporizers but that cost is reflected in the quality of the unit.  Some of the things I like best about the Trifecta are the high quality lithium ion battery, its fast heat up time and the one button activator system.  This pen vape is also super easy to use and has basically zero learning curve.  Most other herbal pen vapes are unnecessarily complicated and make you press a million different buttons just to get started, this pen vape heats up on the first try every time.  The only other pen vape that is as easy to use as the Trifecta would probably have to be the Vaporite Emerald.  The VaporX XRT is another great pen to use when you are in a pinch, I don’t think the vapor production is as good as the Trifectas however.

When I first started vaping basically all I wanted to do was vape dry herbs, lately however I have been making the switch to concentrates.  The Trifecta can handle both so it is a real time saver not to mention it saves you the trouble of having two different pens.  Usually I would just pull out Sky High pen for vaping wax but since I made the switch to the Trifecta I don’t really use it anymore, the Trifecta just hits harder anyways.  The battery life is also pretty substantial, I can get just about a full weeks worth of use from one charge.  The Atmos Bullet-2-Go will give me about 4-5 days which is close but still not good enough for those long road trips.

I recently got back from Idaho and had a blast, since marijuana is now legal in Washington we stocked up before we set out on our hunting trip.  We went to Grangeville to look for some Elk since they were in season, we also did some fishing at a near by lake.  While we didn’t bag any deer or elk we did catch a few salmon so the trip was still a success.  The pen vape was perfect for fly fishing, we just stood in the river and puffed away in wilderness.  I think the salmon were actually attracted to the smell of the vapor, during the early hours of the day we were not getting any bites.  Around noon we fired up the vaporizer and all of the sudden we couldn’t keep them off of the pole.  I snagged a 14 pounder and a 10 pounder in about 30 minutes time and that was just two of the six fish we caught that day.

Best Vaporizer Pens for Dry Herb

When you’re shopping for a vape pen to use with dry herbs, there are three key factors you should consider as part of your decision-making process:

1. Temperature – For efficient vaporization, you never want to exceed 390 degrees Fahrenheit in a pen-style vaporizer. Most of the best pen vapes are calibrated to heat up between 375-395 degrees; these are the kinds of units you’ll find from brands such as White Rhino, Pulsar, and Grenco Science. While their vaporizers are definitely made in Chinese factories, they quality test those bad boys so you know you’re not going to exceed 400 degrees.

Pulsar 7 Herb Vaporizer Pen

Pulsar 7 Vaporizer – Apart

2. Heating Chamber – The ease of airflow through the heating chamber is a mitigating factor for vaporizer pens of any shape or size. While I like the look of the SkyCloud by KandyPens, the herb attachment is super skinny and doesn’t allow for much ganja to go in there. If you stuff it full, then you’re not getting any airflow; but if you allow for airflow, then you end up vaping all your bud with one inhale, making it a terrible option for group sessions.

SkyCloud by KandyPens

SkyCloud Vaporizer by KandyPens

3. Size – If you’re going to be using a pen vaporizer for herbs, then you’ll probably want to keep it discreet. This is where I find herb pens basically act as a glorified pipe. Not to say this is a bad thing, you’ve just got to know it going in. If you want something that’s going to fit snugly in your palm as you vape it, there’s probably going to be combustion happening. Sorry. That’s just the breaks. If you want something that doesn’t burn your herbs, I would suggest checking out the T-Vape which is a little larger than I’d like a “pen vaporizer” to be, but it’s not going to singe the shit out of your weed.

T-Vape with Package

T-Vape – The “True” Vaporizer

Conclusion: The T-Vape is nice because it has a separator between the herbs and the heating coil, unlike many herb pen vaporizers out there, such as the Pulsar 7 or AtmosRx Vaporizer. The problem with the T-Vape is that it’s a lot bulkier than the thin, sleek herb pens. This is the tradeoff you will inevitably encounter: sacrifice size for performance or vice versa. For me, I don’t mind the burning so much. I just like to have something handy for concerts and picnics with my boyfriend. The T-Vape is cool, but it’s a really thick shaft and that kind of intimidates me. If you like a big vape with some power and girth, then the T-Vape is definitely for you.


Hope you found this post helpful in your search to buy the perfect herbal vaporizer pen. What are your criteria for choosing an herb pen? Let me know!